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Advanced Specialist BSP Trainings

BSP Training Hub offers specialist BSP trainings to broaden your knowledge and your practice. These specialist trainings are offered in the Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Australasian Pacific Region time zones and have been organised with the Hub to support the trainings of our community.

And sometimes we may even have the pleasure of having these specialist BSP trainings live in Sydney.

See below for current trainings.

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Upcoming Speciality Trainings
The prerequisite of Advanced Speciality trainings is that you have complete at least Phase 1 BSP Training. 

Brainspotting & Parts Work June
Brainspotting & Parts Work June
27 Jun 2024, 09.00 GMT+10 – 01 Jul 2024, 14.00 GMT+10
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Daftar Sekarang
Harmonic Brain Healing
Harmonic Brain Healing
14 Sep 2024, 09.00 GMT+10
Live Online

Brainspotting Phase IV
with David Grand, PH.D


15-17th November 2024 | Live Online

Singapore: 7am-2pm

Sydney: 10am-5pm

New Zealand: 12pm-7pm

PREREQUISITE: Minimum Phase 1 BSP Training

FEE: USD 745

COMING SOON JUNE 2025: Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition (BSI)
COMING SOON JUNE 2025: Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition (BSI)
24 Jun 2025, 09.00 GMT+10
Live On Zoom. Trainings Not Recorded
This speciality training helped me to have flexibility in the use of difference types of Brainspotting set ups"
Training Participant
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